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Thread: What would you bring

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    Re: What would you bring

    1. one meal - Hamburgers and french fries. do condements count? I would bring katsup and mayo.

    2. one drink besides water. Purple Powerade

    3. one movie-Rudy

    4. One box set of any TV show.-Seinfeld

    5. One CD-Led Zeppelin Greatest hits CD.

    6. One book-The Bible

    7. Any one other item of your choice-a Wii
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    Re: What would you bring

    A 6 month stay makes a big difference. If it were indefinite, then I might change some things.

    1. one meal - If I'm taking Puffy at his word at one meat and one vegetable, then I'd make it chicken and butternut squash. Like someone said, chicken you can make a bazillion different ways. Butternut squash you can bake, roast, stir fry, steam, make soup, etc. Corn was close.

    2. One drink - I thought very long on this between Bass ale and coffee. Ultimately I went with Bass ale. I might get drunk and fall off a cliff, but something has to break up the monotony.

    3. one movie - I'll go with "Gone With The Wind". "The Godfather Saga" was a very close second. If I could take the Godfather trilogy, I'd do that. "Castaway" if I wanted to watch myself.

    4. TV box set - The Simpsons. Taxi and MASH were runnerups.

    5. One CD - Probably Miles Davis "*****es Brew". There are other albums I like better, but this probably has the most staying power and it would take a long time to get to the bottom of it.

    6. One book - The Bible.

    7. Any one other item of your choice - one of those portable electronic chess games (with a 6 month battery). Brush up on my game.

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    Re: What would you bring

    Meal = Steak, Lobster Bisque, Garlic Mashed
    Drink = Diesel aka Budweiser
    Movie = Big Lebowski
    TV set = Scrubs
    CD = Linkin Park - Meteora
    Book = The Joy Luck Club, so I would have toilet paper
    Item = Sand Wedge, with a lot of bounce.

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    Re: What would you bring

    1. one meal - BBQ Chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob.

    2. one drink besides water. Diet Dew.

    3. one movie - Star Wars [The box set if that counts]

    4. One box set of any TV show. South Park probably

    5. One CD - Tori Amos [again if the box set is allowed I'd go that route

    6. One book - I'll steal a cue from others and go with the Bible

    7. Any one other item of your choice. My cat.

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    La Dolce Vita
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    Re: What would you bring

    1. Chicken, Brown Rice, Salad Greens (a good olive oil and balsamic vinegar), fruit salad, Dove dark chocolates

    2. hmmmm...alcohol or caffeine?...Newcastle Ale

    3. As Good As It Gets

    4. Curb Your Enthusiasm

    5. Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Cole Porter Songbook

    6. My copy of The Complete Pelican Shakespeare

    7. Watercolors and paper...good time to try something new
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    Re: What would you bring

    1. Chicken and potatoes. Mainly because you can do many different things with them.

    2. Coffee

    3. A River Runs Through It

    4. Northern Exposure, it would be interesting to be watching it on a deserted island.

    5. Bill Monroe/Doc Watson CD.

    6. Some kind of book on plants/herbs. Basically, so that when I get sick of chicken and potatoes, I can try and forage and not kill myself in the process.

    7. Fly Rod, for fun and to get something else beside chicken and potatoes for dinner.

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    Re: What would you bring

    Quote Originally Posted by Puffy View Post
    Lets say you were going to be placed on a deserted island for 6 months. The island has a hut that has all the basics we are used to (don't ask how, it just does). A stove/oven, a refriderator, freezer, a BBQ and six months worth of coals if u needed, electricity, a TV, a stereo, a DVD player. But thats everything. No people. No radio signal. Nothing else.
    This is what you get to bring on the island with you:

    1. steak and potato
    2. Beer (I am assuming this is an endless supply)
    3. Caddyshack
    4. Cheers
    5. Don't need it.
    6. SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild, in Any Climate, on Land Or at Sea By John 'Lofty' Wiseman
    7. Air conditioning/heat

    Boy would I be fat after six months.


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    Re: What would you bring

    1. one meal - spinach and feta pizza.

    2. one drink besides water- Newcastle Brown Ale

    3. Swiss Family Robinson...maybe I'll pick up some pointers.

    4. One box set of any TV show. Inspector Maigret

    5. One CD - Rubenstein, Chopin Nocturns

    6. One book - A bible

    7. Any one other item of your choice. One of those army shovels.
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    Re: What would you bring

    I'm presuming its a deserted island in the south pacific and not in the north atlantic
    1. Lamb & Potatoes
    2. Ice Tea
    3. The American President
    4. The West Wing
    5. 18 til I die
    6. The History of Baseball - The Book of the Series by Ken Burns
    7. Laptop with a satellite phone so I can log into MLB.tv - if the six months is during the offseason I'd have to go with a Wilson volleyball

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    Re: What would you bring

    1. Chicken cordon bleu and broccoli.

    2. More water. It’s all I drink.

    3. Grand Canyon

    4. Alias

    5. The one I had the foresight to make that has the voices of my family on it.

    6. Bible

    7. Antibiotics
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    Re: What would you bring

    1. Chicken and potatoes

    2. Tea

    3. Singin' in the Rain

    4. Are You Being Served?/Are You Being Served? Again!

    5. Beatles "Love"

    6. New York Public Library Desk Reference

    7. Extra pair of prescription sunglasses
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    Re: What would you bring

    1. one meal - eggs, bacon, hashbrown potatoes, and fried mush.

    2. one drink besides water - an RO system to purify the water.

    3. one movie - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

    4. One box set of any TV show - Seinfeld

    5. One CD - Beatles Anthology

    6. One book - NIV Study Bible

    7. Any one other item of your choice - a laptop w/internet
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    Re: What would you bring


    Iced tea

    I don't care enough about movies to make a movie a priority.

    Same with TV.

    Well, since it says ONE CD, I'd have to take Minutemen's Double Nickels on the Dime--40 songs, dude!!

    The OED

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