I was remembering some pretty bad puns I have heard over the years, and thought it would make an interesting thread if folks shared some of their better (or worse, depending on how you look at it) ones. Here's mine. It takes a while to set up though.

A man applied for a job as a bus driver with a local school. In the interview, he was told that none of the other drivers ever lasted more than a day, but he insisted that he could handle it.

So on the first day of the new job he found out that the bus he would be driving looked like the bus on Sesame Street. He started out on the route and the first student he picked up was an incredibly fat young girl who introduced herself as Patty. At the next house another large girl got on who also said her name was Patty. After that he came to a house where a boy got on who said, "Hi bus driver, my name is Saul and I am a very special boy." The next pick up was a young girl dressed in a very provocative outfit who sat down in the front seat where he could see her and proceeded to pick at the bunions on her feet. When the day was over he went to his boss and said he was quitting and would never drive that bus again. When asked why he was quitting his reply was:

"Two obese Patties, special Saul, little sleaze picking bunions on a Sesame Street bus."