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As a propsect, he was noted as being an outstanding defensive outfield, being able to play all 3 positions very well. Plus, he has an absolute cannon for an arm. I read that in high school, he threw out a guy trying to score from 3rd on a sac fly on a ball that was hit to the warning track...just missing a homer. Obviously he wasn't throwing out Freel or a speedster trying to score, but none the less that is an incredible feat to accomplish.

and a question....if you are a team trying to figure out who to keep...Chad Moeller or Josh Hamilton, really, does that even justify a thought? I really hope we don't go down the 3 catchers path again. Freel can catch in emergencies if needed. no reason to waste another spot like we did last year.
Well if Hamiltons defense is that good then even if he only performs mediocre at the plate from here on out , the Reds should be able to keep him on the roster is for any other reason as a late inning defensive replacement for Griff and Dunn. Anything he does extra with the bat is just icing on the cake.