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Actually, Best Buy does not have commissioned sales people. They only ask about the warranty at the check out counter by the cashier. One of the basic business principles of Best Buy is that they DON'T push people hard to buy the warranties and they don't want pushy sales people. Circuit City is the opposite. They have people who are commissioned and are pushed and pushed and pushed to sell the warranties. Selling warranties at Circuit City is more important than the item itself. Trust me, I used to work in the business. One of the reasons Best Buy has been so successful is because it's the place you can go without being hounded by pushy salesmen and without having your arm twisted into buying the warranties. The problem at Best Buy is that it's darn near impossible to get any help if you need it. At Cirtuit City, you have a sales person assigned to you th second you walk into the store.

BTW, when I worked in the business, you could earn up to 30% on the extended warranties (we called it cheese).
Now that makes you sound like you work at Best Buy.