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Well if you know you are stupid then it's a good purchase.
I wouldn't say stupid, I just think a warranty on a laptop is a must. I would recommend anyone getting a laptop to get the top warranty because even if nothing happens you can still get a new battery and other parts at the end of the warranty that will prolong the life of the computer (and be about the same value as the cost of the warranty). I use my laptop extensively and run some heavy duty programs so I knew I would run the laptop into the ground. That's why I got the warranty. Sure enough the first time the motherboard failed was not my fault, it was a defect (still under basic warranty). Then I dropped it once and really messed it up and got it fixed for free. Then, a few parts failed after 2 and a half years just because of usage. I guess I made it sound like I was being stupid in my previous post but only once did I actually drop it.

If you baby a laptop and don't use it for much more than word processing and internet then an extended full service warranty is pointless. If you use if every day extensively and run large programs on it that wear it out then I wouldn't think twice about getting the warranty. I still say it's the best purchase I ever made. And the cost of the warranty is very close to the cost of replacing a battery, wireless card, and maybe a couple other pieces of hardware that will naturally wear with time. If you want to get those pieces replaced after 4 years to prolong the life of your laptop (I've found they need it) then the warranty really makes sense.