As much grief as some have given Krivsky..."The Trade" being the lightning rod and deservedly so...

With Hamilton, albeit premature, looking to be an improvement to the roster and maybe a big-time improvement isn't this proof that WayneK keeps a solid eye for potential talent laying on other rosters that we can pick up for beans?

1 and 2. Phillips and Ross last year for nothing.
3. Arroyo for a talented but excess player for an arm we sorely needed.
4. I have to give him credit for Hatteburg at 500k last year. The guy was solid and fit the role we needed on this team to a tea.

Now Hamilton looks to be added to that list of great finds. I'm intrigued to see if Sarloos can pick it up this year and be a steal for our pitching-starved rotation.

I think the job WayneK has done has been very solid thus far. A few warts on the pitching evaluations, but more positives then negatives for the team so far. The next biggest item is how do WayneK's drafts turn out for the future and then we'll have the best idea of where we are.