I was having an arguement recently with a guy over Cameron Maybin (Tigers prospect, 2005 draft). I was telling him that the amount of hits he had in the infield were astronomical and that it was crazy to expect him to be able to repeat such a thing and that he was insanely lucky all season with having hits fall in (he had a .415 BABIP in 2006).
Well thanks to minorleaguesplits.com I made some charts to show what I was referring to. Once I did that I decided I would take a look at what I think are the Reds top 4 hitting prospects did.

To explain what you are looking at, I took the number of balls hit to a position by a player, then divided it by the number of hits they actually got in those hits to that position. I also am going to include Cameron Maybin just becuase I have it ready to go. Also note that the areas are just to represent the typical ground a defender should cover, and I just shaded that in myself to represent where the ball roughly was either caught by or picked up by the defender.