I'm a 50+ year old male who was always, when younger, healthy as a horse. But over the last few years I've started to "suffer" various physical symptoms that simply go along with aging. My body is gradually giving out on me. Of course my mind says otherwise and refuses to listen to the body.

Now one area of concern for aging men is prostrate/prostrate cancer. I've had my troubles over the last few years with chronic prostatitus and various dietary issues. I've had biopsies down in the past, and they've found what they call "irregular" cells. It doesn't mean it's cancer; but it means I need to be monitored regularly. And I am. For any of you that are familiar with what a PSA is, mine has spiked at 6.3 (which is very high).

Besides changing my diet and eating habits - I stay away from spicy foods, pop, caffeine (coffee - for the most part), drink lots of water daily, take fiber, eat more fresh fruits/vegetables - one of the herbs I am starting to take is Saw Palmetto. I was told by a fiend, with a similar problem as mine - that it helps.

Another one I just bought is Omega 3 Fish Oil. I don't have any heart/circulation problems at all. My cholesterol is fine. But I heard it helps with joints, arthritis and such.

So what all do some of you take and recommend?