According to the Post, WLW's Gary Burbank will retire at the end of the year.

Gary Burbank, WLW-AM’s longest current on-air personality, says he’ll retire when his contract expires Dec. 31.

Burbank, who turns 66 in July, has talked about quitting radio since his failed attempt in national syndication in 1995.

“I plan on retiring this year, for sure,” Burbank says.

Burbank came to WLW-AM in 1981 as a morning host, after leaving a radio job in Louisville. He moved to afternoons a few years later.

The Memphis native says he originally planned to stay here a year, then go back to Louisville. He decided to stay to raise his family in Alexandria, turning down job offers in Los Angeles, San Diego and other larger cities.

During his 26 years here, Burbank has twice won the prestigious Billboard magazine and Marconi awards for large-market radio personality of the year. His show is unique – not just for Cincinnati, but nationally – because of his “All My Bengals,” “The Reds and the Restless” and many scripted satires produced each week.

“We do more material in a week than some stand-up comics do in their lives. We do new material every day,” says Burbank, who relies on about 10 writers for his show.