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First, what does inelligible mean? I know what ineligible means, but this seems to be a new word? Is it North Carolina slang?

Second, how exactly do you declare these clubs inelligible? Do you announce to the Starter, "Hey Starter, these three clubs are inelligible" or to the people you are playing with or is it to the voices in your head?

"OK Dave, these three clubs are inelligible"
"OK RFS62, that sounds nice. Did you bring the cheese?"
"These pretzels sure are making me thristy"
"These golf shoes hurt my feet"
"Which clubs are inellllllligible again?"
"That anal probe really opened things up for me"
"Did the alien use the 6 iron"
"Where's the cheese?"

That was actually pretty funny. I used to have 16 clubs with 4 of them being tag-teamed in and out of the lineup. Now, with the new hybrids, and different lofts on my wedges, I have 14 clubs that always stay in the bag. My wedges are 48, 54 (bent to a 53), and a 58. That way the gaps are 5 degrees which equals about 16 yards in distance (every degree approximately equals 3.25 yards for those who are counting at home ). Having a pitching wedge at 48, a SW at 56, and a lob wedge at 60 leaves an enormous gap. Not good. Normally, the gap between irons is 4 degrees, but when you get the wedges, I go with a 5 degree gap so I can carry a longer club like the 17 degree hybrid that I have.