OK, while I'm waiting, here's my roster math:
Rotation (5)

Bullpen (7)

Starting position players (8)
C - Ross
1B - Hatteberg
2B - Phillips
3B - Encarnacion
SS - Gonzalez
LF - Dunn
OF - Freel
OF - Griffey

Bench (5)
INF Castro
OF Hamilton
1B/COF Conine
C/1B Valentin

That gives us 22 spots that are filled, or as Jerry Narron likes to say, "in cement" (although Saarloos' geography isn't 100 percent, but his spot on the team is)

This list is assuming Majewski starts the season on the DL. If he doesn't, that means there are just two spots -- a pitcher and a position player -- left.

There's a lot of wiggle room with that bench spot. It could be a position player, an outfielder or a catcher. The catcher would make sense because Valentin is the team's top pinch-hitter. So maybe he serves that role as much as catcher. Because he's such a valuable pinch-hitter, they may need that third catcher because an 'emergency' catcher wouldn't be needed only in emergencies. Something to think about.

The bullpen? If Wilson keeps pitching well, he could start the season in the rotation and then you could move Saarloos to the bullpen. Belisle is a valuable guy.
Not alot to argue with there.