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Gammons admits he is a life long red sox fan but he is about as unbiased as they come. He has seen enough baseball in his lifetime and gives props to the players who are deserving. As for Hamilton could this be the scrap pile find of the century?
I don't know about being unbiased. Gammons makes his living off of his inside connections with various teams. A lot of times, it results in him getting the inside tip on a trade or some other transaction. However, I think it also colors his reporting of said moves. He tends to view GMs and teams that give him tips in a more favorable light than teams that shut him out. He was beside himself when the Reds fired Bowden, a major inside source for him. Regardless of what moves were made by the Reds after that, he got on his high horse about it and acted like the Reds were somehow ruining baseball.