This guy is turning into a real treasure. He's developed some great catchphrases, just since spring training started. The first game against the Yankees, when he nicknamed them "Pure Evil". Says it all. Then he's talking about Legends Field: "Leg-GAG-ends" field. His Clowns for Christ Observation was funny too. He picked up on "The Natural" comparisons right away, and refers to Hobbs and Wonderboy.
McCoy is funny, and he is a great writer, but the thing Rosecrans brings to the game is his energy. How many beat writers have blogged the game during the game? We'll get a quick summary, but his is more comprehensive. And while blogging, he somehow takes the time to actually reply to his feedbacks, talking about old times, etc while presumably also writing his column for tomorrow's newspaper.
If, as they are saying, the Post is in its final year, I hope that another media outlet recognizes his talent and keeps him on. He has made following the Reds a little more exciting while making you smile. Check him out: