I've had so much trouble with my car lately, that I've contemplated suicide. Seriously though, I am ignorant when it comes to vehicles and working on them, and I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with my car.

First I thought the transmission was going out because it seemed like it would shift down randomly. But later found out that it was just bogging down periodically. Got new spark plugs and plug wires (they were bad), figured that would fix the problem. Nope. It runs a little better but still bogs down. At times it will drive fine, but most of the time it bogs down, sometimes bad sometimes not so bad. When it is bogging down I can get up to about 45 mph before it basically shuts down and usually I can keep it going about 25 mph but thats it.

I was told it was the fuel filter, so I got that changed this morning, and today it still runs crappy, maybe even worse. Whats weird is my roommates car is doing the same thing. He got his fuel pump changed, and then fuel filter as well but still nothing happening.

Any ideas? I think my next move is the distributer cap, but I am BROKE and cannot afford to fix something that isn't the problem.