As some of you may know, I have (2) full season tickets in Section 102 Row A (1st row)

Here is the price I pay per ticket per game.

Here is the price you pay for these seats from the Reds ticket office.
REGULAR $19 SELECT $21 PREMIER $24 + convenience fee.

I also have a season parking pass at the Freedom center garage.
I sell the parking pass with the tickets. The parking pass is $12.

So if you want any tickets let me know and I will see what I can work out.
Here is a brief sum up.

Regular games) 2 tickets + parking $42
Select games) 2 tickets + parking $42
Premier games) 2 tickets + parking $52

I would like to sell about 50 or so of my 81 games.

Also with the new MYREDS I might try and sell some of them on there.
If a game is close approaching and I haven't sold it, I'll turn to ebay.

I'm now ready to start selling my tickets, since my season tickets are here now. (cheaper than you could buy them from the Reds)

I'm not really holding any games back (except opening day)