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I'm hoping that what Blimpie and others are reporting turns out to be true, but Barnhardt's track record thus far has been impressive. UK is looking toward the most promising season in football with Rich Brooks, believe it or not. Mickie DeMoss has been a great hire for the girls team as well. Not sure who the coach is for the Bat Cats, but they were in the playoffs last year.

Regardless, this will be the decision that defines Barnhardt's legacy at Kentucky.
That would be John Cohen, who may end up being the best hire of the bunch. He took a UK baseball team that was dead last in the conference in 2005 and won the SEC with them last year.

This year, they also got off to their best start in team history. Cohen comes to UK via the Florida baseball program and has lots of recruiting inroads in the Sunshine State.

The baseball team will be great as long as Cohen is in charge.