Wow... just wow. I fell asleep in the Lazy Boy at halftime of the OSU-UT game. As an OSU fan I decided it wasn't worth losing sleep for the rest of the game. It brought back bad memories of the football game against Florida (when I went to bed with 10 minutes left in that game). I just didn't want to go througn it again... watching my fav team get blown out and watch an SEC team celebrate at beating #1.

I got up this morning. My wife asked me as I was leaving for work at 7:00 am if I watched the whole thing (she fell asleep 1/2 way thru the 1st half). I told her that I decided to go to sleep at half when they were down 17 points. She asked if I had turned on ESPN or the radio after showering to see the final score. I told her that the longer it took for me to see/hear the final, then the longer that OSU was still alive in my world. I listened to music on the CD-player for the 1st half of my drive to work b/c I still did not want to accept it. Finally I needed to know the final (and accept the truth). Of course it took 5 mintues of flipping between the Homer, ESPN and WLW before I finally heard that the Bucks had won 85-84. I am a very happy camper right now.