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I mentioned this in the previous thread, but I am starting to wonder what skeletons are hiding in Mr. Matta's closet.

Five Star Recruits:
Greg Oden
Mike Conley
Daequan Cook*

Four Star:
David Lighty*
Othello Hunter

Five Star Recruits:
Kosta Koufos*

Four Star:
Jon Diebler*
Dallas Lauderdale*
Evan Turner
Eric Wallace

Five Star-
BJ Mullens*
William Buford*
Anthony Crater
Luke Babbit

Four Star:
Warren Offutt

* In state recruit.

Either Matta is a great recruiter, or something is going on in Columbus that could put the Buckeyes back on probation by the end of the decade.

While I don't want Matta anywhere near UK, the fact that he said no doesn't mean much because he said that he wasn't up for the Ohio St job either.
Gee, ya think?


Not THE Ohio State University....

They run a CLEAN program....

100% squeaky clean, to the letter of the NCAA law.