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It's not that I hate Ohio State as much as I'm amazed by the ignorance of most OSU fans that have the "not my school" syndrome. Ohio State is just one of many "dirty" programs across the country.
I think that has more to do with how you frame your arguments than with "ignorance" of tOSU fans. You seem to frame that as tOSU is just as "dirty" as any of the other teams. I want to frame that as tOSU is just as "clean" as any of the other teams. Go frame your same argument as "just as clean" instead of "dirty" and the response will obviously be different.

From what I can tell tOSU does as much or more than can be expected to try to educate boosters, players, etc. about NCAA violations. They have tightened up their admission policies for players so much that kids they are turning away are ending up on other Big10+1 squads.

I'm not sure what you expect when you have 80+ kids (emphasis on the kids) to watch over. Some of them are going to get in some kind of trouble no matter what you do. Some of them are going to drink. Some of them are going to do drugs. Some of them are going to cheat on tests/homework. The majority of college students will do at least one of these things if not 2 or 3. The players are no different.

That said, I have no doubts that some boosters, professors, admissions office, other students, etc. will do things that are outside the lines in hopes of helping the football/basketball team. I just don't see how any Univesity can hope to police all the students, alumni, professors, coaches, etc. at all times and for all activities.

I honestly wish that college athletes were paid. That would solve the problems. Athletes generate millions of dollars in revenue for their respective institutions, they should get a piece of the action. Giving them an "education" isn't enough, when the vast majority of your upper eschelon athletes are only at a college or university to improve their pro stock.
I theory that would be great. In practice I think it'd be a disaster. It would work find for a handful of powerhouse football teams and a handful of powerhosue baseketball teams but it would more than likely bury MAC type schools altogether.

It would also lead to shutting down all sorts of sports programs that cannot sustain themselves at the gate like swimming teams, cross-country, tennis, baseball, etc.