One of the new changes at RedsZone is the addition of the built-in vBulletin Reputation Ranking System. Allow me to explain.

When someone registers as a member at RedsZone they begin with a default reputation of 10. These members are free to read any forum, but cannot yet post at Cincinnati Reds Talk. In order to do so they must reach a reputation of 200. The system level outline is:

-50   User is in the Rookie League
-10   User is in Low-A ball
0   User is in High-A ball
10   User is in AA
50   User is in AAA
100   User is a bench warmer
200   User is a pinch hitter
350   User is a utility player
500   User is a starter
750   User is an All Star
1000   User is a Superstar
1500   User is an MVP
2000   User is in the Hall of Fame
Now, you may notice that there are negative levels. A member may be ranked both positively and negatively. This will allow the community, as an initial level, to moderate itself.

Members are assigned reputation values depending upon the Reputation Power of the member who issues that rank. Only members who can post in Cincinnati Reds Talk can effect reputation.

Reputation Power is derived from multiple factors. Not all members assign the same value. For each year a member has been registered they receive 1 Power-Point. For every 2500 posts a member has made they receive 1 Power-Point. Also, for every 100 reputation points a member has themselves they receive 1 Power-Point. A member must also have made 100 posts at RedsZone to issue any reputation score.

From what Boss and I have seen, most reputation power levels are between 5-7 points, while some are as high as 12-15. What this means is that a member with a power value of 10 can assign 10 positive reputation points or 5 negative reputation points (negative rankings are set at 50% of positive). Also, each member may only make 5 rankings per day and cannot rank the same member twice until they rank 15 other members first.

Lastly, members who can post in Cincinnait Reds Talk can lose that privilege. We all know it takes 200 points to gain entrance to CRT. If a member who achieves (or has) that level drops below 100, they will not be able to post in CRT until they reach 200 points again.

This is a lot of info and a brand-new system, so if you have any questions please ask. Boss and I will observe this process closely and if we see a need to edit any factor, we will do so. Consider this a living document until everything is ironed out.

GIK & Boss-Hog