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I have to agree with Springfield here. This should be individuals rating their peers, not lobbying to get "friends" into "the Gang". I'm not saying there is a gang, I'm just saying that this makes it look like that, and we all know that this will just add to the negativity. I think that our goal should be to get away from the talk of cliques and get to one group of fans.
I can totally see where you guys are coming from on this. However, I thought the purpose of this was to basically "clean up" the board. Basically its a way for posters to "establish" their credibility on redszone before being allowed to post on the CRT forum. There are some posters that were not included as CRT members because they didn't register in 2000 or weren't subscribers, but have already established their credibility on redszone as valuable posters. If there are people that were included to post in the CRT forum that members don't feel have completely established their credibility, there is a way for those members to rate them negatively to express that as well. MWM was just making a list of people he thought fell into the "established credibility already, but not already added" category and sharing that list with other people, in the event others felt the same way about that poster. Its not like he has naked pictures of us that he's going to share with everyone, if we don't "rate" those people, he was just offering up a list of familar names.

This system is new for all of us. Hopefully, if it works the way it should, it will make redszone a better place. I know I personally am not going to rate another person unless I feel they absolutely deserve that rating, either good or bad, and I definately will not be rating someone just because someone tells me to.