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I thought some of you who may be in the same boat as myself might be interested in my experience switching from cable to DTV. I have had the same cable company for about seven years and have all my services through them (cable with HD+DVR, phone, and internet). They are a smaller company and have always given me great customer service.... To say I was miffed at the new Extra Inning deal with DTV is an understatement. I really was not interested in satellite service, but living in Texas and living for Reds baseball meant I was going to have to make the deal with the devil or miss baseball......

Well, when all was said and done to get the same thing I have now with cable (two HD boxes w/DVR and HBO) is going to cost me $300 down for the boxes and about $10 bucks a month less after the first year. The first year I will get about $30 off per month..... So, I guess in the end it, it's pretty much a wash. Still, I can't help feeling a bit swindled over it all:thumbdown
I complained and got $100 credit on my account. Told them I couldn't afford the DTV HD DVR, but that I refused to let them mount a non HD satellite onto my brand new roof, and they gave me some money back.