Cliff Floyd, although off last year, is a very good offensive player, and IMO, could've helped our tremendously depleted offense. The deal he signed with the Cubs is a one year, 3 mil guaranteed. There's also a player and club option AND a vesting option, with the deal maxing out at 2 years and 17.5M. If he gets 425 ABs and/or 100 games, he can opt out and be a free agent this year. He can max out this year at 7.5M if he reaches all his incentives, which are playing-time based.

The only question here is, would you be willing to pay up to an average of 8.75M for the next 2 years for Floyd? And seeing as that's what he would get if he plays all the games, that's what we'll say the price tag is. But when Floyd plays, he delivers. In '05, Floyd posted 273/358/505 with 34 bombs. Last year he was terrible at 244/324/407, but he was injured all year.

In my mind, this would have been a great deal for us. If necessary, he could've been put at 1B, and could've OF when Jr./Freel went down.

What's your take?