South Beach is just as much fun as last time I was here.

Went to the Astros vs Mets game today. The Mets really did not show up if you ask me. They got hammered today. Jeff Bagwell made the trip. His hair is really long and he looks like a bag lady! David wright tanked at least two or three balls to his left and skipped two balls to 1B. Milledge got nailed on the hand and went down kicking and screaming. I had the great fortune to sit with Omar Minaya and the Mets ownership group. Mr. Wilpon was in attendance and was very gracious. Enjoy the pic attached. I will be going back tomorrow night. Dodgers and Mets.

Ohhh and while I was working out at Gold's gym this morning some golfer named Tiger Woods dropped in with his expecting wife. Tiger could not have been nicer. I hope he comes back tomorrow. Doubtful since he won at Doral today and is probably back home on his Island. I did not have my phone or camera anywhere close. Tomorrow I will at least have my phone to take a quick pic. Dude works out harder than most of the guys who were in there including me.