Samuel Adams has around two dozen or so flavors of beer, and in recent years their popularity has started to grow. In fact, the amount of awards Samuel Adams has won worldwide for their beers is astonishing. As a proud beer drinker myself, I've gotten into the Samuel Adams collection a bit, and I was curious to see if any 'zoners have tried and liked or disliked any of the many Samuel Adams beers.

One very interesting tidbit on Samuel Adams is that around two-thirds of all their beer is brewed in Cincinnati in the Hudepohl-Schoenling brewery.

Here's their full beer list ...
  • Samuel Adams Boston Lager
  • Sam Adams Light

Samuel Adams Seasonal
  • Samuel Adams White Ale (available late Jan. to April)
  • Samuel Adams Double Bock (available late Jan. through March)
  • Samuel Adams Summer Ale (available April through Aug.)
  • Samuel Adams Octoberfest (available late Aug. through Oct.)
  • Samuel Adams Winter Lager (available Nov. through Jan.)
  • Samuel Adams Old Fezziweg Ale (available Nov. through Jan.)
  • Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic (available Nov. through Jan.)
  • Samuel Adams Holiday Porter (available Nov. through Jan.)

Samuel Adams Brewmaster's Collection
  • Samuel Adams Boston Ale
  • Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat
  • Samuel Adams Cream Stout
  • Samuel Adams Hefeweizen
  • Samuel Adams Pale Ale
  • Samuel Adams Scotch Ale
  • Samuel Adams Black Lager
  • Samuel Adams Brown Ale
  • Samuel Adams Honey Porter

Samuel Adams Brewer Patriot Collection
  • Samuel Adams George Washington Porter
  • Samuel Adams Traditional Ginger Honey Ale
  • Sameul Adams James Madison Dark Wheat Ale
  • Samuel Adams 1790 Root Beer Brew

Samuel Adams Extreme Beers
  • Samuel Adams Utopias (limited release)
  • Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock (limited edition)
  • Samuel Adams Millennium (single brew of 3,000 bottles)
  • Samuel Adams Triple Bock (available year round)
  • Samuel Adams Imperial Pilsner (2005 harvest limited release)
  • Samuel Adams Hallertau 24 (550 gallons brewed w/limited availabilty at the Samuel Adams brewery in Boston)

I've never had quite a few of these beers just due to never seeing them. The Brewer Patriot Collection is a new release from last year that I've yet to see, and some states (including Ohio) won't even sell their Extreme Beers due to the high alcohol content.

IMO, Sam Adams Light is far-and-away the best "light" beer I've ever had, and it has a taste that's richer and fuller than most of the non-light beers I've had. Even if you despise light beer, I say give Sam Adams Light a shot. It's really that good.

Samuel Adams Octoberfest is outstanding, and I wish they brewed that year round. I may have to stock up on a large inventory of Octoberfest when it comes back out again in the fall.

Personally, I also love draft beer, and Samuel Adams offers the Boston Lager plus some of their seasonal beers on draft, including White Ale, Summer Ale, Octoberfest and Winter Lager. I've seen quite a few bars and restaurants include the Boston Lager on draft, and I like it quite a bit out of the keg. I've been trying to track some local places that have some of the seasonal brews on draft. Last week I ran into a bar in Mason that had White Ale on draft, and it was nothing short of outstanding. The Summer Ale seasonal should be out soon, and I'm definitely looking forward to trying that on draft as well.

One warning though: drink the Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic at your own risk. It only took me one swig of a Cranberry Lambic to know that I never wanted to drink that beer again.