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The great love of my life who hasn't the faintest clue he's the love of my life is a beer dude (which is just so appropriate). He's an actor but he takes care of the beer for two serious beer-snobbish bars in New York and crap, do those people take their beer seriously. And they all KNOW each other. I have been deeply in love with him since I was nineteen. And I'll tell you what, surrounding freaks notwithstanding, it's nice being perpetually, unrequitedly in love with a beer freak, because he takes such care in picking out a beer for you and he immediately knows your palate so intimately that when he gets SO excited about giving you a beer and looks deep into your eyes and says, "Try this, you are going to love these hops," it can easily be construed as "Look at the way I'm looking at you, I cannot even believe how much I adore you, let's go get a puppy" if you stuff some cotton in your ears.

I saved the bottle from the first beer he ever bought me, called Delirium tremons. It has pigs on it, it's very cute, and stands as a strong (8.5%!) testament to our love.


Second mistaken beer birthplace of the thread: I thought Yeungling was an upstate New York beer. I used to work up there in the summers and people drink it like crazy there; I guess I just assumed that's where it came from. It's semi-commonplace in New York City too -- not REALLY common, but not at all hard to find if you want it.
You would think someone would remember the first beer bottle that they saved from the love of their life was actually spelled Delirium Tremens.

They sell the stuff at the Bier Markt here in Ohio City next to the Great Lakes Brewery, both are fun places to go and throw some down.

Why did I give up beer for lent again?