Yesterday's weather really got me excited about fishing season.

Just wondering if any other RZers were into fishing. If so, perhaps we could collaborate a bit on improving our success so we don't have to tell so many lies.

So... where do you fish? What do you fish for? Any special tips? Equipment advice?

This is the place for general fishing discussion.

As for me, I have a farm pond that I fish quite a bit. There are a few decent sized (10"-14") bass that are in there and always an ample supply of bluegill and crappie. I also have access to a pay lake down the road a bit that stocks monster catfish, although I've never brought one in.

Acton Lake (at Hueston Woods) is also not far for me, but is better if fished from a boat (which I do not have). There are some nice bass there. Ditto Rocky Fork Lake.

Also, some buddies and I try to make one trip a year (didn't make it last year) somewhere to get away and try to catch some monsters, either to Watts Bar, Cumberland or Jones Bluff in Alabama.

Anyway, just wondered if there were any anglers out there interested in sharing some lies.