I have Bobby Crosby at SS, and no offense to any A's fans but I HATE him

He is constantly injured, and I don't know if he will ever recover from that back injury. Anyways, he is all I have at shortstop right now.

R (2), H (1), 2B (2), HR (4), RBI (2), SB (1), BB (1)

Here is my current lineup:

C McCann
1B Swisher
2B Cantu
3B Zimmerman
SS Crosby
IF Encarnacion
LF Freel
CF Jones
RF Cuddyer
OF Bonds
BN Baldelli
BN Molina
BN Markakis

Free Agents:

Juan Uribe
Wilson Betemit
Alex Gonzalez (I think he will hit a decent amount of HRs this season)
Omar Vizquel
Khali Greene

No one really sticks out that I'd like to have. Should I just look for a trade?