No, Eddie Sutton is the one who gets blamed for Eddie Sutton just like the decline of the UK program under Tubby's watch is blamed on Tubby. The program had been trending downward, undeniably, for the past 5-7 years. At the University of Kentucky, as my dad would say, "that dog don't hunt."

There's no curse on UK bball. If a coach is brought in capable of harnessing the potential of Kentucky basketball, they'll succeed, and be judged by, their own merits and results.

Billy will be given ample time to bring in his players and implement his system. What fans, myself included, want to see is a trend that things are getting better, that there is a workable plan in place. Fans will see that with Billy. Tubby's plan? Schedule enough patsies to get to twenty wins? Run a system that is maybe the ugliest offense in all of college bball? Show intense loyalty to assistants who don't deserve to keep their jobs BASED ON PERFORMANCE? Whatever his plan was, it was evident that it didn't involve getting UK back to a top-tier bball program anytime soon.