Did anybody watch Jay Leno monday night?? Well he was on there and he started out with a joke about Leno and his first guest might be brothers b/c of their big chins,Well that ended up getting a big laugh with the crowd.Jay then asked him about the gambling,he asked Pete how many times did he bet.Pete said everygame!! Jay said you betted everynight?? Well Pete tried to make it into a joke and said If I did'nt bet that night then my phone was tore up(then he started laughing.

Well the place went quiet and the people that was there watching the show did'nt laugh at all.Jay looked at Pete and said this comedy can be a B****!! Pete said D*** I was about to think you all was from West Virginia. Now guys that might not sound like much to you guys but I took it that he thinks that West Virginians don't have no personality at all,and West Virginians are stupid.

I don't know if he just got caught up on being on the show and was'nt thinking or he really ment it.I took it that he really ment what he was saying and for me being a big Pete Rose fan for me to here those words come out of his mouth was really dissapointing.