Keith's mad:

In the grand scheme of life, he is right. When you drink and drive, you have the chance of hurting someone other than yourself. When you take steroids, you possible hurt only you. But I think there are a couple of points that Law doesn't seem to take into account:

1: As far as the game of baseball, taking steroids can been seen as a form of cheating. Trying to give yourself an artificial advantage over the other players. Drinking drunk is a pure criminal event that does not directly effect the outcome of a baseball game.

2: The MLB Players Association. You want clubs to go after players who get arrested? Fine. Is it in the CBA? Opps...sorry. Teams hands are probably legally tied on that one.

Really, would my employer suspend or fire me if I got pulled over for DUI? Probably not. Yeah, I know. I'm not a public figure who has to "set an example for the kids." I would like to see local law enforcement treat players just like Joe Citizen and arrest and convict them just like everyone else. And we know MLB has the cash to give ample education on the dangers of drinking and getting behind the wheel. But really, I really don't think MLB contractually has any authority to step in and come down on these players. Sure, if it's a non-prospect who's the 25th guy on the roster, he'll probably find himself on the waiver wire. But you gonna release Johan Santana over drinking and driving?