OK mth123, that makes sense. I am new here so I still need to learn how people here think. I thought maybe you were one of the people in Cincy that thinks Freel is the best player on the Reds. LOL

I think Freel could be traded for someone similar to Saarloos. A decent pitcher from a team loaded with better options. Saarloos' situation reminds me of Arroyo with the Red Sox. I am sure Saarloos will not do as well as Arroyo did last year, but you could find a lot of things in Saarloos' career history that are eerily similar to Arroyo's. They both played for two teams prior to the Reds. Both of them were jettisoned because they were thought to be not good enough. Arroyo was released by the Pirates, Saarloos by the Athletics (although they re-signed him later). I have more hope for Saarloos than for either Milton or Lohse.

Reds fans seem optimistic for Lohse due to his limited duty with the Reds last year and the positive comments Narron makes about him. They should check Lohse's poor career stats.

I agree with you that Belisle is the Reds' best hope for the future in terms of being a solid member of the rotation. Maybe Elizardo Ramirez too eventually. And Homer obviously.

The Twins have been good in the past about picking up good talent out of other organizations stockpiles (ex. Johan Santana, a former Rule 5 pick). Hopefully some of that was due to Krivsky, or maybe he at least learned how to do it while with the Twins. Maybe Wayne can work some magic and get a good pitcher on the cusp of success in exhange for Freel or Cormier or even Hamilton. I must say I nearly lost all faith in Krivsky after the Washington boondoggle.