So, my wife and I will be having (actually she'll do most of the having, I'll be fetching ice chips and lending my forearms as a scratching post) our third child in June. We're in need of a good baseball name for either a boy or a girl. She doesn't want to know the sex. Our two sons Henry Adam and Ty Gregory are both named for a baseball icon and a religious figure. The problem is we've shot pretty high with Hank and Ty. Teddy, Willie, Joe, and Pete have all been ruled out for various and sundry reasons. I need some suggestions for boy names as well as girls. The current front runners are Jackson Thomas (after the shoeless one and the doubting apostle) and Morgan Rose (no explanation needed). I've offered up Eppa for a girl on countless occasions only to be shot down. Jackson Thomas is also on the brink after I suggested his nickname could be Stonewall.

I'd love to offer more than a stock smiley for your input, but it's all I've got.

Thanks in advance.