So, I went out to dinner with some friends who I thought I knew pretty well. This is a chain sit-down restaurant, somewhat on par with the "quality" of say, The Olive Garden. In other words, it's not super nice, but it's not exactly paper plates and plastic silverware either.

Anyway, we were having a few laughs, finishing up our meal. We paid the bill and left a good tip. The waitress brought us all our doggybags to take home the thousands of calories we didn't finish.

Then as soon as the waitress left, one of my dinnermates looked both ways, sort of scoping out the area. This dinnermate then proceeded to stuff two of the restaurant's glasses into the doggy bags to serve as souvenirs of the evening.

I, being my stick-in-the-mud self, pitched an absolute fit, told this person that I was completely appalled and embarrassed by this behavior, stormed out of the restaurant and drove myself home.

This person thinks I overreacted, and actually referred to this as a "victimless crime" (because this is a large corporate-owned place) and claims that such restaurants all but expect this behavior.

While I'm not perfect, I'm pretty much hard-wired not to steal stuff. The last thing I remember stealing was some girl's pencil in the first grade. I know that if I owed a restaurant, even a sucky one, I wouldn't want people taking my stuff.

So what do you all think?