C-Ramon Hernandez(Bal)
1B-Prince Fielder(Mil)
2B-Rickie Weeks(Mil)
3B-Edwin Encarnacion(Cin)
3B-Aubrey Huff(Bal)
SS-Jose Reyes(NYM)
SS-Freddy Sanchez(Pit)
SS-Khalil Greene(SD)
LF-Carl Crawford(TB)
CF-Vernon Wells(Tor)
CF-Rocco Baldelli(TB)
CF-Chris Young(Ari)
RF-Jermaine Dye(CWS)
RF-Lastings Milledge(NYM)

SP-Ervin Santana(Ana)
SP-Brad Penny(LA)
SP-Aaron Harang(Cin)
SP-Bronson Arroyo(Cin)
SP-Adam Wainwright(StL)
SP-Ted Lilly(ChC)
SP-Jeremy Sowers(Cle)
RP-Jon Papelbon(Bos)
RP-Jon Broxton(LA)
RP-Mike Gonzalez(Atl)
RP-Seth McClung(TB)

I've currently got a waiver in for Al Reyes, since he is the favorite to get saves with McClung being sent down. Had Hanley Ramirez earlier, but since I had Reyes, I shipped him out for Vernon Wells and Josh Fields(we have prospects in this league).

One of the owners dropped Milledge, so ive got a waiver with first priority. I may look at dealing Jermaine Dye, either for relief help or to get younger.