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Thread: Another rate my team thread

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    Another rate my team thread

    10 team 5x5

    C Ramon Hernandez
    1B Ryan Howard
    2B Dan Uggla
    3B Miguel Cabrera
    SS - Stephen Drew
    CI Prince Fielder
    MI Felipe Lopez
    OF - Carl Crawford
    OF Matt Holliday
    OF Bobby Abreu
    UTIL Alex Rios
    UTIL Edwin Encarnacion
    SP Jake Peavy
    SP Jeremy Bonderman
    SP John Lackey
    SP Cole Hamels
    SP Ervin Santana
    RP J.J. Putz
    RP Francisco Cordero
    RP Jonathan Broxton
    BN Jered Weaver
    BN Kei Igawa
    BN Boof Bonser
    BN Homer Bailey
    BN Akinori Otsuka
    BN Mike Piazza
    BN Matt Murton
    BN Aaron Hill

    Let me know what you think.

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    Re: Another rate my team thread

    1B – Ryan Howard
    3B – Miguel Cabrera
    OF - Carl Crawford
    OF – Matt Holliday
    OF – Bobby Abreu
    Either you were drafting with monkeys, or this team is over exaggerated, because how ANY one of the top 3 above fell to the third round is beyond me, and Holliday and Abreau- the same could be said for them in the 4th and 5th rounds (or wherever you were lucky enough to get them)
    Looking on down your roster, it looks like others were pitching frantic or something and you were very wise to wait because you have not the greatest staff, but still a very good one, with potential for greatness.
    This team is clearly the favorite even without seeing other rosters, unless someone else knew what they were doing and somehow got
    Pujols, Arod, and Soriano with there first three rounds. as those are the top players at their respective positions, and somehow you got the 2nb best 1B, 2nd best 3B, and the 2nd best OF.
    Can I join this league next year?
    Strikeouts are boring - besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground balls. More democratic. ~Bull Durham

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    Re: Another rate my team thread


    There are definitely some idiots in my league. If you scroll down to the thread titled "Draft Strategy" I posted the results of about the first 7 rounds. I made a mistake taking Howard at 2 over Reyes probably, but Cabrera fell to me at 19 and I got Crawford at 22. IIRC I could have had Jason Bay but felt I needed to make a move on pitching at the time because I was getting shut out of the big names.

    On the pitching I am hoping that I can rotate starters to increase my wins and Ks to compensate for a staff that is going to be somewhat less than stellar on ERA and WHIP.

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    Re: Another rate my team thread

    Do you have the tail end results of your draft? Being a keeper league I'm pondering where BJ Upton and a few other players went in the draft. I would also consider taking a roster flier on Liriano since your roster is so stacked for this season. I like the Homer pick obviously, but part of the key is building for the future. How many are you able to keep, what are the keeper rules of your league (forgo draft picks, etc) As of now, your linuep is built to win for like the next 10 years, but I would seek a few stud pitchers for the future who could be had on the cheap before the other owners get to see them pitch and realize what they are holding.
    Strikeouts are boring - besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground balls. More democratic. ~Bull Durham

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    2. Dustin Ackley 27. Tyler Skaggs 33. Kyle Heckathorn 51. Nick Franklin 82. Billy Bullock

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    Re: Another rate my team thread

    I get to keep any 16 players provided that they are not free agents. Someone took Liriano early - I believe without realizing he was injured - maybe he would trade Liriano for one of my marginal starters if it is worth the risk. The realm of players available is all those listed in Yahoo fantasy ball. Two pitchers that stand out as being available are Jeremy Sowers and Tim Lincecum. Philip Hughes is not available as a player yet but I am keeping on the lookout for when he is added.

    Position prospects - One guy just waived B.J. Upton to pick up Anibal Sanchez so he is available. Maybin has not been added to Yahoo yet and I dropped Chris B. Young to pick up Murton because I felt I needed a ready to contribute outfielder in case of injury. I also dropped Brandon Wood for Aaron Hill because the Angels keep moving him all over the infield and if he comes up as a 3B he does not have much value to me. Anyone else I should be on the lookout for? (On a side note I will probably regret not drafting Howie Kendrick and I was planning on going after Delmon Young with my pick immediately after he was taken)

    I have draft results through 16 rounds that I have posted below. I will put together the tail end of the draft as soon as I can. Thanks for the help!

    Round 1

    #1 Breaking Balls - Albert Pujols, 1B - STL
    #2 LarkinMattingly=HOF - Ryan Howard, 1B - PHI
    #3 Mojos Crickets - Alfonso Soriano, OF - CHC
    #4 TheFrozenWonders - Jose Reyes, SS - NYM
    #5 The Horny Buzzards - Vladimir Guerrero, OF - LAA
    #6 YankeesCircleJerk - David Ortiz, DH - BOS
    #7 Off In The Shower - Johan Santana, SP - MIN
    #8 The Drunken Crunzels - Carlos Beltran, OF - NYM
    #9 thats what she said - Lance Berkman, OF - HOU
    #10 6-4-3 - Chris Carpenter, SP - STL

    Round 2

    #11 6-4-3 - Derek Jeter, SS - NYY
    #12 thats what she said - Chase Utley, 2B - PHI
    #13 The Drunken Crunzels - C.C. Sabathia, SP - CLE
    #14 Off In The Shower - Alex Rodriguez, 3B - NYY
    #15 YankeesCircleJerk - Manny Ramirez, OF - BOS
    #16 The Horny Buzzards - Andruw Jones, OF - ATL
    #17 TheFrozenWonders - David Wright, 3B - NYM
    #18 Mojos Crickets - Travis Hafner, 1B/DH - CLE
    #19 LarkinMattingly=HOF - Miguel Cabrera, 3B/OF - FLA
    #20 Breaking Balls - Grady Sizemore, OF - CLE

    Round 3

    #21 Breaking Balls - Roy Halladay, SP - TOR
    #22 LarkinMattingly=HOF - Carl Crawford, OF - TB
    #23 Mojos Crickets - Miguel Tejada, SS - BAL
    #24 TheFrozenWonders - Carlos Zambrano, SP - CHC
    #25 The Horny Buzzards - Robinson Cano, 2B - NYY
    #26 YankeesCircleJerk - Pedro Martinez, SP - NYM
    #27 Off In The Shower - Mark Teixeira, 1B - TEX
    #28 The Drunken Crunzels - Jermaine Dye, OF - CWS
    #29 thats what she said - Roy Oswalt, SP - HOU
    #30 6-4-3 - Ichiro Suzuki, OF - SEA

    Round 4

    #31 6-4-3 - Derrek Lee, 1B - CHC
    #32 thats what she said - Joe Mauer, C - MIN
    #33 The Drunken Crunzels - Justin Morneau, 1B - MIN
    #34 Off In The Shower - Carlos Lee, OF - HOU
    #35 YankeesCircleJerk - Michael Young, SS - TEX
    #36 The Horny Buzzards - Aramis Ramirez, 3B - CHC
    #37 TheFrozenWonders - Vernon Wells, OF - TOR
    #38 Mojos Crickets - Garret Atkins, 3B - COL
    #39 LarkinMattingly=HOF Matt Holliday, OF - COL
    #40 Breaking Balls - Brandon Webb, SP - ARZ

    Round 5

    #41 Breaking Balls - Hanley Ramirez, SS - FLA
    #42 LarkinMattingly=HOF - Jake Peavy, SP - SD
    #43 Mojos Crickets - Jimmy Rollins, SS - PHI
    #44 TheFrozenWonders - Dontrelle Willis, SP - FLA
    #45 The Horny Buzzards- Chien Ming Wang, SP - NYY
    #46 YankeesCircleJerk - Daisuke Matsuzaka, SP - BOS
    #47 Off In The Shower - Jason Bay, OF - PIT
    #48 The Drunken Crunzels - Justin Verlander, SP - DET
    #49 thats what she said - Jim Thome, DH - CWS
    #50 6-4-3 - Johnny Damon, OF - NYY

    Round 6

    #51 6-4-3 - Brian Roberts, 2B - BAL
    #52 thats what she said - Troy Glaus, 3B - TOR
    #53 The Drunken Crunzels - Joe Nathan, RP - MIN
    #54 Off In The Shower - Rafael Furcal, SS - LAD
    #55 YankeesCircleJerk - Paul Konerko, 1B - CWS
    #56 The Horny Buzzards - Barry Zito, SP - SF
    #57 TheFrozenWonders - Carlos Delgado, OF - NYM
    #58 Mojos Crickets - Francisco Rodriguez, RP - LAA
    #59 LarkinMattingly=HOF - Bobby Abreu, OF - NYY
    #60 Breaking Balls - Alex Gordon, 3B - KC

    Round 7

    #61 Breaking Balls - Aaron Harang, SP - CIN
    #62 LarkinMattingly=HOF - Jeremy Bonderman, SP - DET
    #63 Mojos Crickets - Hideki Matsui, OF - NYY
    #64 TheFrozenWonders - Magglio Ordonez, OF - DET
    #65 The Horny Buzzards - Carlos Guillen, SS - DET
    #66 YankeesCircleJerk - Chone Figgins, OF - LAA
    #67 Off In The Shower - Victor Martinez, C - CLE
    #68 The Drunken Crunzels - John Smoltz, SP - ATL
    #69 thats what she said - Mariano Rivera, RP - NYY
    #70 6-4-3 - B.J. Ryan, RP - TOR

    Round 8

    #71 6-4-3 - Ivan Rodriguez, C - DET
    #72 thats what she said - Bronson Arroyo, SP - CIN
    #73 The Drunken Crunzels - Chipper Jones, 3B - ATL
    #74 Off In The Shower - Trevor Hoffman, RP - SD
    #75 YankeesCircleJerk - Jon Papelbon, SP - BOS
    #76 The Horny Buzzards - Jorge Posada, C - NYY
    #77 TheFrozenWonders - Josh Beckett, SP - BOS
    #78 Mojos Crickets - Delmon Young, OF - TB
    #79 LarkinMattingly=HOF - Dan Uggla, 2B - FLA
    #80 Breaking Balls - J.D. Drew, OF - BOS

    Round 9

    #81 Breaking Balls - Michael Cuddyer, OF - MIN
    #82 LarkinMattingly=HOF - Felipe Lopez, 2B/SS - WAS
    #83 Mojos Crickets - Ben Sheets, SP - MIL
    #84 TheFrozenWonders - Brian McCann, C - ATL
    #85 The Horny Buzzards - Nomar Garciaparra, 1B - LAD
    #86 YankeesCircleJerk - Todd Jones, RP - DET
    #87 Off In The Shower - Ryan Zimmerman, 3B - WAS
    #88 The Drunken Crunzels - Curt Schilling, SP - BOS
    #89 thats what she said - Francisco Liriano, SP - MIN
    #90 6-4-3 - Bill Hall, 3B/SS/OF - MIL

    Round 10

    #91 6-4-3 - Scott Rolen, 3B - STL
    #92 thats what she said - Torii Hunter, OF - MIN
    #93 The Drunken Crunzels - Tadahito Iguchi, 2B - CWS
    #94 Off In The Shower - Brandon Phillips, 2B - CIN
    #95 YankeesCircleJerk - Juan Pierre, OF - LAD
    #96 The Horny Buzzards - Ted Lilly, SP - CHC
    #97 TheFrozenWonders - Scott Kazmir, SP - TB
    #98 Mojos Crickets - Billy Wagner, RP - NYM
    #99 LarkinMattingly=HOF - Prince Fielder, 1B - MIL
    #100 Breaking Balls - Howie Kendrick, 1B/2B - LAA

    Round 11

    #101 Breaking Balls Rich Harden, SP - OAK
    #102 LarkinMattingly=HOF John Lackey, SP - LAA
    #103 Mojos Crickets Chris Young, SP - SD
    #104 TheFrozenWonders Chad Cordero, RP - WAS
    #105 The Horny Buzzards Rocco Baldelli, OF - TB
    #106 YankeesCircleJerk Mike Mussina, SP - NYY
    #107 Off In The Shower Brett Myers, SP - PHI
    #108 The Drunken Crunzels Paul Lo Duca, C - NYM
    #109 thats what she said Lyle Overbay, 1B - TOR
    #110 6-4-3 Freddy Garcia, SP - SEA

    Round 12

    #111 6-4-3 Dan Haren, SP - OAK
    #112 thats what she said Jason Giambi, 1B/DH - NYY
    #113 The Drunken Crunzels - Khalil Greene, SS - Clemson
    #114 Off In The Shower - Jason Schmidt, SP - LAD
    #115 YankeesCircleJerk - Mark Derosa, 2B/3B/OF - CHC
    #116 The Horny Buzzards - Huston Street, RP - OAK
    #117 TheFrozenWonders - Josh Barfield, 2B - CLE
    #118 Mojos Crickets - Felix Hernandez, SP - SEA
    #119 LarkinMattingly=HOF - Alex Rios, OF - TOR
    #120 Breaking Balls - Todd Helton, 1B - COL

    Round 13

    #121 Breaking Balls - Gary Sheffield, OF - DET
    #122 LarkinMattingly=HOF - Cole Hamels, SP - PHI
    #123 Mojos Crickets - Matt Cain, SP - SF
    #124 TheFrozenWonders - Bobby Jenks, RP - CWS
    #125 The Horny Buzzards - Adam LaRoche, 1B - PIT
    #126 YankeesCircleJerk - Melvin Mora, 3B - BAL
    #127 Off in the Shower - Adrian Gonzalez, 1B - SD
    #128 The Drunken Crunzels - Raul Ibanez, OF - SEA
    #129 thats what she said - Nick Swisher, OF - OAK
    #130 6-4-3 - Aubrey Huff, 3B - BAL

    Round 14

    #131 6-4-3 - Tom Gordon, RP - PHI
    #132 thats what she said - Josh Willingham, OF - FLA
    #133 The Drunken Crunzels - Jose Contreras, SP - CWS
    #134 Off in the Shower - Jeff Franceour, OF - ATL
    #135 YankeesCircleJerk - Derek Lowe, SP - LAD
    #136 The Horny Buzzards - Mark Buerhle, SP - CWS
    #137 TheFrozenWonders - Joe Crede, 3B - CWS
    #138 Mojos Crickets - Erik Bedard, SP - BAL
    #139 LarkinMattingly=HOF - Jared Weaver, SP - LAA
    #140 Breaking Balls - Marcus Giles, 2B - SD

    Round 15

    #141 Breaking Balls - Derrick Turnbow, RP - MIL
    #142 LarkinMattingly=HOF - J.J. Putz, RP - SEA
    #143 Mojos Crickets - Conor Jackson, 1B - ARI
    #144 The FrozenWonders - Pat Burrell, OF - PHI
    #145 The Horny Buzzards - Andy Pettite, SP - NYY
    #146 YankeesCircleJerk - Kenny Rogers, SP - DET
    #147 Off in the Shower - Takashi Saito, RP - LAD
    #148 The Drunken Crunzels - Mike Gonzalez, RP - PIT
    #149 thats what she said - Ty Wigginton, 3B - TB
    #150 6-4-3 - Richie Sexson, 1B - SEA

    Round 16

    #151 6-4-3 - A.J. Burnett, SP - TOR
    #152 thats what she said - Josh Johnson, SP - FLA
    #153 The Drunken Crunzels - Brian Fuentes, RP - COL
    #154 Off in the Shower - Mike Cameron, OF - SD
    #155 YankeesCircleJerk - A.J. Pierzynski, C - CWS
    #156 The Horny Buzzards - Nick Johnson, 1B - WAS
    #157 TheFrozenWonders - Brad Penny, SP - LAD
    #158 Mojos Crickets - Nick Markakis, OF - BAL
    #159 LarkinMattingly=HOF - Stephen Drew, SS - ARI
    #160 Breaking Balls - Jeff Kent, 2B - LAD

    Round 17

    #161 Breaking Balls - Kenji Johjima, C - SEA
    #162 LarkinMattingly=HOF - Edwin Encarnacion, 3B - CIN
    #163 Mojos Crickets - Ian Kinsler, 2B - TEX

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    Re: Another rate my team thread

    Pick up Upton YESTERDAY, drop hill if needed, or whoever else you dont like, Upton will be 3B and 2B eligible very shortly as he will play 2B. Cantu was DFA'd to bring Upton up even though upton is not good defensively and could use more seasoning, He has 40+ SB's potential for this season with a prob average near .290. He has good potential for power, SO GRAB HIM NOW.
    as for others, I would pick up Sowers and drop igawa or Bonser, Im not that high on Linecum taking a roster spot. As for not getting Kendrick, I agree I love him, have him in almost every league I am in, but that is neither here nor there, you have a great team, dont dwell on not getting one player. I would also mention that in a Keeper league, guys like BJ Upton and other prospects, Bailey, etc. have way more value than they are going for in your drafts. Owners will soon realize that keeper value makes a player more valuable than in a traditional redraft league. With that being said I would keep in mind that towards the trade deadline you will be able to acquire all the bench help and lineup fill ins you will need to make a run (much better ones than available on WW) if you fill alot of your bench spots with highly rated prospects who are soon to be ML's, or are in their first year. Some teams (and acc. to draft results, many teams) will fall out of contention and will want to "rebuild" for the following season by moving vets in order to have better keepers to position themselves for next season.
    Strikeouts are boring - besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground balls. More democratic. ~Bull Durham

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    Re: Another rate my team thread

    as for up and coming starters keep an eye onin no part. order)
    Jason Hirsh Col
    Matt Garza Min
    Adam Miller Cle (will start in AAA)
    Andrew Miller Det (could be up this season, maybe not)
    Mike Pelfrey ChiC
    Yovani Gallardo Mil- may not be up til June or So, but I dont look forw. to the Reds facing him
    Luke Hochevar KC (prob. wont be up until 08 or mid 08)
    As for Linecum, I do like him, but not to add right now, nor would I necessarily add any of these players right now. Because the way your league looks, they will be available for at least the first few weeks. I would wait until after then and see exactly where your pitching stands, you may have to move a hitter for a pitcher.
    Strikeouts are boring - besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground balls. More democratic. ~Bull Durham

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    2. Dustin Ackley 27. Tyler Skaggs 33. Kyle Heckathorn 51. Nick Franklin 82. Billy Bullock

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