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Disagree. It's the one "new school" philosophy I don't buy. I thought pitching 7 full was exactly what Narron should have done this afternoon. I believe that pitch counts are watched a bit too closely thesedays, while mechanics probably aren't watched closely enough.

Our bullpen is shaky at best, I think Narron should avoid it as often as possible. I don't want him to go nuts-- I would NOT have attempted to let Harang go the distance today, but I like the idea of establishing our "ace" as a 7 inning minimum pitcher.
I agree with you completely about Harrang and the "new school" philosophy. Pitchers should be going at least seven innings and 113 pitches shouldn't be considered abusive (no more than the entirely unnatural thing pitchers routinely do to their arms as it were).

With regards to the bullpen, I never had the sense that Narron put him out there one more inning due to being afraid of using the bullpen. Saarloos was fantastic and Weathers was smooth. I think this bullpen is night and day from last years. Not perfect, mind you, but considerably better and certainly more reliable.