I think yesterday's was the most memorable opening day. I was not at the game, but everything about the day and the game just seemed perfect. So many things made it memorable: the weather was postcard-esque, the new RED uniforms look great (or so I think!), Harang was terrific, good bullpen effort, Dunn's two homers, the new Batter's Eye Pavillion, Marty & Joe & Thom, Josh Hamilton, Pete Rose, Eric Davis, and oh yeah...the victory! All in all, yesterday just made it seem official that Reds baseball is back and that Castellini & co. are going to turn this franchise around.

After thinking about it the rest of the day, I think Opening Day 2007 goes down as my favorite so far. (Bear in mind I'm a late twenty-something.) What about you all? What are your favorite opening day games and memories?

Just for fun I'll put down some of my other favorite opening day memories. And some least favorites, too.

Favorites, in no particular order:
1) Randa's walk-off on Opening Day 2005. I think this was the same year Dunn had two opening day homers off Pedro Martinez....right?
2) Paul O'Neill goes 4-4 in opening day victory against Dodgers in 1989.
3) 1990 - in Houston, Reds win in extra innings. Memorable because of what was to come that year!
4) 2000 - Junior's debut as a Red.
5) Eric Davis bats lead off for his Reds return in 1996.
6) The excitement of the new GABP in 2003

Least favorites, in no particular order:
1) First inning of the 2006 season. Pierre lead off with a triple and it was all down hill from there. Tainted the excitement of the new management & ownership.
2) Sunday night game, 1994 - Ray Lankford hit the leadoff homerun vs. Rijo and it was just a cold, yucky night. Shouldn't even count.
3) The sudden death of John McSherry - 1997, I believe it was?
4) Eric Davis goes 0-4 (with 4 ks, I think?) while batting lead off for his Reds return in 1996.
5) Brett Tomko gets shelled by Giants on opening day 1999.
6) The misery of losing the first game in the new GABP in 2003.