Kansas City basically has one good reliever (Riske) and a good pitcher off surgery who has potential to return to his former self (Dotel).... other than that, they are empty in the BP. Joel Peralta did pretty good, and has done decent in the past so you could argue that he needs to be mentioned.

Also, Joey Gathright was optioned to Triple A because they couldn't find anyone to take on Sanders. Sanders is platooning with Emil Brown (who is unhappy about it).

Lets send them Mike Stanton or Rheal Cormier, and prospect who is nothing special (can't really think of any names right now, but nothing major)

Wonder if they would bite on it? We could use another OFer, and Sanders seems to put up good numbers every year, although you can't count on him for many games. If Griffey/Freel was to get hurt we would desperately need another OF.