Lurkers, not a better time to make your first post!

Ok, time for Gonelong's 6th annual Reds Win prediction thread. Similar to years past my requests are minimal:

1) Lets scrap the "range" idea we have been working on and just post a number of Ws.
2) Lets make our prediction as if your house was being bet on it. (Please no 162 Ws, etc ? we have other threads available for this)
3) I will be **AT** the game this year, thanks to my brother! Once I return from the game I'll compute the average and post it as the "Redszone consensus".

Here are the historical prediction threads, if anyone wants to check on their past performance:
2007 - RZ Ws: Acutal: PTHG:
2006 - RZ Ws: 76.66 Actual: 80 PTHG: 76 - Slightly Pesimistic
2005 -
RZ Ws: 84.67 Actual: 73 PTHG: 75 - Wildy Optimistic
2004 -
RZ Ws: 76.82 Actual: 76 PTHG: 67 - Right On
2003 -
RZ Ws: 87.88 Actual: 69 PTHG: 63 - Wildly Optimistic
2002 - RZ Ws: 79.71 Actual: 78 PTHG: 75 - Slightly Optimistic

I realize there is a VERY similar thread on the board at this time. Feel free to ignore this one, I won't be put out either way.

My prediction for 2007 prediction of Reds Wins is 82 Ws.