I saw a banner hanging from GABP on the way home today and decided to check out the website http://www.crpark.org. There's a slideshow detailing a plan to put parks along the riverfront between the stadiums. It looks all well and good, but seems on the surface to be an extension of Sawyer Point. Is that what we really want there, more park space?

I like the idea of green space as much as the next guy, but there is no where to go have a drink or a meal before the game. I find myself eating in the suburbs before the game, running into downtown for the game, and getting the heck out as soon as the game's over heading for the burbs again. How about a sports bar or 10? How about some restarurants closer than Fountain Square?

The comparision to Louisville's riverfront seems pretty apt. There is a lot of open space by the river and near the ballpark, but you have to go into the city for night life. It might work in minor league cities (no offense Louisville), but this is a major league stadium with major league concesssion prices.

There are certainly some solid ideas in there and it would look nice from the entertainment district in Newport, but is this what we really want?