With Uncle Milty getting the start Sunday it looks like Jon Countlangus will go down to Triple A. Now the real questions will begin to surface if Milton gets hammered and as Majewski & Bary get healthy. I'm all for Livingston get a shot at starting. He did however give up four runs in five ininngs in his Louisville debut. I really like what Sanots and Saarloos have given as to start the year. I like how Narron is using them and when he is using them. Now with all that said what happens when Majewski and Bray are ready. I say we swing a deal for Cormeir if we can and Bray replaces him and then we do the same thing with Burton. Give Oakland some kind of compensation and we keep him. Send him to Triple A for some seasoning. Harang, Arroyo, Loshe, Belisle, & Livingston in the rotation. Saarloos, Santos, Majewski, Weathers, Stanton, Bray, & Coffey in the pen. Closer by commitee until Evereyday Eddie is back. I like what I've seen from Stanton, Weathers, & Saarloos so far. Theirs no guarantee Eddie comes back. I think down the road Burton has the stuff to close and not to mention Bailey comes up at some point if Livingston struggles. He's a better option now than Milton. Let's hope the bullepen continues what they are doing. The offense will be their. Love what our 1B platoon is doing so far. GO REDS!!!