Now this would have to be something implemented by the teams of course. I am not sure how many of you have checked out the MLB GameDay this year, but it is a new version and it charts Speed, break of the pitch and shows the delivery of the ball (when it is being used. it was not on for todays Reds game). If teams were to set up the equiptment in the minor league parks (I imagine it takes about 5 cameras from different view points, a radar gun and a computer that is connected to the cameras with a program that can take the data and put together the information). How much would it help scouting pitchers if you could look at the break on his pitches on a computer model? You could compare each curveball with the rest he has thrown. You could tell when the inconsistancies came, then go back and look at the video and maybe pick up the mechanical flaw that caused it. If its a consistant problem, you could then work with the pitcher to attempt to fix it.

Maybe I am thinking to much on this, but I think a system like this would do wonders for both the coaches and the players if it were used in the right way. Anyways, I just wanted to put that out there.