I'm extremely impressed with our infield thus far. It's really improved thus far from last years infield. Bonzo Gonzo is doing great at short and his bat is better than I thought it'd be. Phillips is doing great in the field but not so much with the stick; it's still early though right? Edwin has improved in the field and his stick is really helping us right now. Conine has made some great plays at first base and he's been very good at the plate. Hatte has had some good at-bats but haven't seen anything special out of him in the field yet. Ross has done a good job throwing out the runners but I'm still sick about that pop up bunt that he should've caught and thrown out someone to end the inning but instead a runner scores. So far so good for this infield. I think we've got two potential Gold Glovers in Phillips and Bonzo Gonzo. If Edwin keeps his arm under control then this infield should help us out a lot in tight games.