In today's DDN, Power says Homer Bailey isn't quite ready for the show...

But don't get too excited, according to Bats pitching coach Ted Power. Bailey, 20 years old and beginning his third full professional season, shouldn't be making his Major League debut just yet.

"I don't think Bailey's ready right now," Power said.

Some Reds fans wanted to see Bailey in a Reds uniform last season, and would still enjoy watching him pitch in the No. 5 spot for Cincinnati. But the hard-throwing Texan didn't quite have Major League stuff on Sunday, Power said.

"He graded it as a 'B,' and I would agree," Power said. "He didn't throw that many strikes, but his fastball had plenty of life to it. His curve ball was inconsistent."

And it would take more than just throwing pitches to take the mound at Great American Ball Park, Power said.

"He needs work at the plate to be able to bunt," he said. "He needs a little more field precision, knowing where to go at all times. He's doing well, but he's not quite there."