Because of the Times by Kings of Leon (their best album yet; might be looked upon as one of the best bands of the decade)
Cassadaga by Bright Eyes (I'm a huge Bright Eyes fan and would put this album between Lifted and Wide Awake--please don't ask me how I got ahold of these songs)
Traffic and Weather by Fountains of Wayne (they've been one of my favorite bands since their first album, and this is, by far, their best album yet, IMHO)
What's the Time, Mr. Wolf? by the Noisettes (this album is great for people who like rock 'n' roll with a modern touch--very interesting album)
Spells by the Comas (I would probably recommend this album to people who like the Postal Service)
Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge by the Pierces (female harmonies that get stuck in your head like crazy--very good album)
Armchair Apoocrypha by Andrew Bird (just another very good Andrew Bird CD)
The Arockalypse by Lordi (for any fan of rock and metal; the guitars are sweet, too)
The Weirdness by the Stooges (it's nothing classic or epic, but it's a very solid CD)
New Magnetic Wonder by the Apples in Stereo (surprisingly, their most recent CD is already my favorite of theirs)