I went to the game last night (Tuesday April 10) between the Dayton Dragons and the South Bend Silverhawks. I got there at the end of the 2nd inning, and stayed through the end of the game. Here were my observations:
1. The Dragons were heads above the Silverhawks with ability. It seriously looked like a AA team playing a rookie ball team. I don't know if that says more about the Dragons or the Silverhawks, but none the less the difference between the squads was large.
2. Scott (Dayton's Manager) was coaching 3rd base. I was sitting about 10 feet from him. When the score became 11-0 (4th inning) he yelled into the bench, "CALL OFF THE DOGS." From that point forward Dayton scored 0 runs. Rojo hit a screamer a couple of bats later and Scott yelled into the dugout again and simply stated, "NO". If the Dragons got any hits after that, they were all on the ground. I wasn't a big fan of this, since I came to watch my future Reds and see what they could do, but with the cold, I could see that he just wanted to get his kids out of there with no injuries.
3. Gonzalez pitched and he was impressive. He got into a couple of jams (walking guys) but straightened himself out and got out with strike outs.
4. I was not impressed with Drew Stubbs defense. He didn't seem very fast in the outfield either. He dropped a routine fly ball in center field that would've ended the inning (hit his glove and popped out). After the inning he was running in from the outfield, took his glove off right before the dugout threw it and screamed the mother of all curse words. He didn't see the field after his next at bat. Hitting wise though, he made good contact just hit it right to the Silverhawks players a couple of times.
5. Francisco can rake. He hit the ball all over the field.
6. Turner made some great plays at defense. On one he was running towards RF and caught a pop fly while in full stride, turned and gunned the guy at 1st that hadn't tagged up.
7. If these are the reds of the future, the future looks good.