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had we not gave Bronson Arroyo a bigger contract he would of left...

if we dont pick up dunns option then we have next to no offense.

i could see us picking up 1 big name person next year to make a playoff run.

most of our team will be dirty cheap...
such as...
homer bailey
josh hamilton
joey votto... assuming all goes right
elizardo ramirez... assuming all works out
matt belise

the best thing about 08's season is that i think it will be griffeys last!

a outfield of these three will look pretty good...
hamilton CF
dunn LF
Jay Bruce RF

this team is starting to build something special down the road.
i just hope we can blossom a little early and make it in this year.

You're asking for just about everything to go right.

We could have waited till this off season to resign Arroyo. If he has a great season you're in a bidding war, if not you save a lot of money to spend elsewhere. (shrug)

Dunn is pretty much in the boat same as Arroyo.

Consider that Arroyo/Harang suffer an injury or have had a career year in '06. Bailey, Bruce and Votto don't live up to expectations. Dunn walks. Hamilton had the peak of his career in ST of '07. The Reds don't have a major league catcher on the roster. How do ya' like me now say the Reds?

Do I think the scenario I just posted will happen? No. But it's just about as realistic as the one that was described looking through rose colored glasses. (shrug)