Arroyo's price hike, while risky, was good in several respects, but IMO most importantly because the extension showed that if you produce in a Reds uniform, you will be retained. It seems somewhat of a departure from past years.

I like Lohse more than most here, but cringe at the very real possibility of a similar contract doled out to him if he "puts it all together" and has a career year. That said, there is still plenty of time left in the season, and if Good Lohse shows up often enough to produce a career year, that is nothing but good for the Reds' chances this season...even if we see a few manifestations of Bad Lohse. Both sides of Lohse might even show up in the same start (read: the meatballs to Tracy and Snyder in Arizona in an otherwise decent outing). In the end, he will have to conquer the gruesome line he puts up against lefties, especially as we go into summer at GABP.