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His best value to the Reds may very well be as trade bait at the deadline, assuming he continues pitching well.
It looks like the Reds waited too long. I was an advocate of trading Lohse in the off-season before the arbitration season got into swing. If the Braves could get Rafael Soriano for Horacio Ramirez ...

Now it appears that the cold weather boost of April has turned into the reality of May. Lohse' ERA is up to 4.75 and is over 8 since the weather warmed-up.

Any thoughts of a top prospect are gone IMO. The Reds will be best served to look for an undervalued young major leaguer at an area of need for Lohse at this point. Looking back, teams probably weren't fooled by his hot start anyway just as last night's debacle probably didn't effect his value either. I think the league knows who and what he is and the board was right all along. Lohse is a bottom of the rotation starter who costs too much. He may prove an upgrade for a contender where the difference between completely horrible and pretty bad might mean something and that has some value. Time to cash in is fast approaching.